Make an Ecology Power Point

Monday, July 23, 2012 | Constantine Connections

Today in computer lab you are going to use your science notes to make an Ecology powerpoint.

Make sure you follow the guidelines below.

  1. Your powerpoint needs to include at least 6 slides that answer the following questions:      

Slide 1: Title page

  Slide 2: What is an ecosystem? Add an EXAMPLE of an ecosystem with pictures! LABEL which ecosystem you chose.

  Slide 3: Who lives in an ecosystem? Identify the BIOTIC and ABIOTIC things in your ecosystem.

  Slide 4: What is a food chain? Give an example. Click here to see food chain diagrams.

  Slide 5: What is a food web? Give an example. Click here to see food web diagrams.

  Slide 6: Your choice

  2. You need to use each of these science vocabulary words. Clicking on each word will take you to an image page for each.      

- organismhabitatpopulationecosystem      
- biotic, abiotic      
- producer, consumer,       
herbivore, carnivoreomnivore      
- food chain, food web 

3. Make sure you use enough pictures and diagrams (with labels) to help your reader understand. Here are some images you can use: 

polar region 
African savannah 
temperate forest 

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